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Congratulations to all the defenders of Ukraine with the holiday!


We sincerely wish peaceful sky, inspiration, professional success and understanding that the defence of our country to some extent depends on each of us!


Glory to Ukraine!


Glory to heroes!

The "Peace" project supports foundation of a national platform to organize flows of financial and non-financial support to Ukraine



Today the authorized representatives of the "Peace" project accepted the offer of our partners - the International Ukrainian Public Organization "Fourth Wave" to support public initiative to streamline all types of international assistance to Ukraine. The project management has signed a petition by email, a sample of which is located on the official website of the President of Ukraine: https://petition.president.gov.ua/petition/4632.


We remind that IUPO "Fourth Wave" Ukrainian forms a new association of Ukrainians of the fourth migration wave to enforce and protect their civil, professional, social and economic rights to support civil and professional interests and mutual assistance in promoting their return to Ukraine.

Currently, "The Fourth Wave" is a partner of the international non-political and non-governmental social rehabilitation Project called "Peace", which envisages foundation and development of rehabilitation and residential complexes throughout Ukraine with industrial infrastructure servicing to ATO members and their families.


There are 64 days left till petition deadline. Please join!

Partner of "Peace" is with Center for Trauma Therapy "Return"


Center "Return" was established in connection with the war (military action) in the country in response to the need to provide the necessary specialized psychological (psychotherapy) aid to different types of customers: demobilized, decommissioned wounded soldiers and officers and their families, internally displaced persons. Among potential customers of the center there can also be volunteers, people, assisting army and other persons that were exposed to traumatic events.


Please be reminded that the "Peace" project specializes in all types of rehabilitation of ATO participants, displaced persons and their families - psychological, social, medical etc.

 More information can be found here. 

Battalion "Peacemaker" is now with "Peace" project


Last Saturday, September 26, a working meeting of the "Peace" project management with the representatives of the volunteer battalion of special police force "Peacemaker" took place. A head of "Peace" Project Michael Starikov disclosed some details of the project to those men who decided to join it. The Deputy Chairman of the NGO "Officer`s Corps" Vadim Bartenyev also gave a speech before new project participants among the soldiers of the battalion.


As of today "Peacemaker", created last year, is incorporated to the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev region. Soldiers of the battalion are the professional military and police officers with experience in peacekeeping missions. The Battalion protecting Ukraine in the zone of ATO, unfortunately, has incured losses - including in infamous Ilovaisk.


We remind that we invite to join to social and rehabilitation project "Peace" not only the defenders of Ukraine, but also the families of fallen heroes. The main priority of the project is comprehensive - physical, psychological and social rehabilitation of the victims of the war against Ukraine.


On Friday, September 18 well-known investors, representatives of international organizations and Cherkassky entrepreneurs have come together to Investment Forum 2015 On prospects of Cherkasy region hosted in Kiev


In the "Opera" hotel that held more than 100 participants there were representatives of the "Peace" project. After the speech of the head of Cherkasy Regional State Administration (RSA) Yuri Tkachenko, who introduced the present attractive investment in the region to the parties, we held talks with the organizers of the Forum - representatives of Ukrainian business associations, supervisor of the "Business" publishing house Vladimir Chepovoi and Cherkassky entrepreneurs.


Currently, interest in the implementation of the project "Peace" showed by leading companies of Ukraine and the regional administration.

Investors into Cherkasy region are interested in the "Peace" project




During the celebration of the Day of Nizhyn – September, 15 a real sport festival took place. Together with the organizer of sporting events - Foundation "Sport for Peace" - the "Peace" project organized several children's sport contests. In particular, marathon running, boxing shows, football, basketball, volleyball matches and more.


The "Peace" will always support the children's sports as promoting healthy lifestyle helps us to restore Ukraine. By the way - we expect new initiatives of the "Sport for Peace" organization.


 Details are in the official website of our partners:http://runforpeace.eu

The "Peace" supported children's sports festival in Nizhyn


Cherkasy joined the "Peace" project  09/14/2015

The project "Peace" management had the first working meeting with authorotiess of Chigirin district, Cherkasy region on September, 11. The meeting was held on the initiative of the President of NGO "Public Movement "For the prosperity of Cherkassy Region" Natalia Netovkina.


According to the preliminary results of the meeting – it is agreed to allocate land for the construction of a rehabilitation center in the area of Chigirin.

A rehabilitation center planting construes the development of the whole complex which allows for full cycle of rehabilitation. Treatment provided in such complexes will deal with both disability issues and psychological rehabilitation.


More about the project you can find here.


"Peace" Project Newsline 09/11/2015

Department of Information of "Peace" Project reports that this week we were able to launch a new updated information online resource and update the Project logo. New Project website - www.myrny.com. Information on the site will be constantly updated. We will make the site useful, convenient and interesting for you.

New partners are  constantly joining "Peace" project - both governmental and non-governmental organizations and foundations, private enterprises and companies. In particular: ICF Cradle (Cradle of Peace), Charitable Organization "Sport for Peace", the Public Movement for the Prosperity of Cherkasy region and others have recently become our partners.


A complete list of our friends and partners, please review our partners: http://www.myrny.com/#!parnters/c1a4e.


We invite all concerned to join the Peace Project. Feeling moral responsibility before Ukraine and its defenders, let us together make our contribution to the common victory and the future !!!


Free training for internally displaced persons

Project partner, NGO "Psychological support and rehabilitation" Free Choice "begins a series of trainings for those who were  internally displaced. We invite those who were forced to move from Crimea and eastern Ukraine to training in which they will be able to work out their own negative experience gained and find inner resources for successful adaptation to new living conditions!

The training will take place at:

Prospect Povitroflotskyy 51 kv.60

Dates: 12, 26 September.

To register please a call at: 0636464991 or click on the link.

Participation in the training is FREE


Dear compatriots!

Congratulations to the Day of National Flag and the Independence Day of our country!

For centuries, our people fought for their own country. The best sons and daughters of Ukraine gave their lives to this struggle. XXI century has turned with no exception.

We wish all patriots of Ukraine courage, strength, endurance, harmony and happiness. And yet - peace in our land!

We wish Ukraine enemies always remember that people who fought for their freedom and independence for tens of generations, can not be defeated!

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to heroes!!!

"Peace" project team

The "Peace" project management launches in Odessa region

On Monday, August 24, there will be a meeting of the Board of the "Peace" project in the Odessa region.


The main issues - negotiations on allocation of site for housing and social amenities construction on the former military base number 11 in Belgorod-Dniester district.


As we reported already, one of the first towns of rehabilitation complex for participants and their families ATO project "Peace" is planned to be built in the Belgorod-Dniester district, Odessa oblast, near the village Udobnoye.


Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has joined the project partners

Negotiations with the Board of  the State Enterprise "Servicing company of MIA” have been successful regarding allocation of land for housing to ATO participants serving in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In the nearest future a number of land plots will be considered for development.


We remind you that the "Peace" project management  currently cooperates to provide comprehensive rehabilitation and residential care to ATO members - employees of all law enforcement agencies of Ukraine - Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian National Guard, Ministry of Defence, Chief Intelligence Service .


The process of land acquisition for the construction of rehabilitation complexes in Zhitomir and Odessa region has been started

Negotiations of  the "Peace" project management on land acquisition for the construction of rehabilitation facilities already have the first positive results. We have received positive response from and understanding of the local authorities of Zhitomir and Odessa oblast. As on July 27 we are talking about two sites in particular: a land plot nearby village Starosiltsi in Korostyshiv district in the Zhytomyr oblast; a former military base near the village Udobnoye,  in Belgorod-Dniester district, in Odessa.


As of today, preliminary agreements have been reached on the prospects of construction of  rehabilitation facilities in the following regions of Ukraine, Kyiv; Kiev region; Dnipropetrovsk region; Zhytomyr region; Lviv region; Mykolaiv region; Odessa region; Kherson region; Khmelnytska oblast; Chernihiv region.

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