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Creation of


International Training Centre on Posttraumatic and Social Rehabilitation


Dealing with manifestations and consequences of post-traumatic syndromes, such as stress, depression, deviant behavior, alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety and others in the target group (people who have had different types of moral-psychological and physical injuries) and the wider public, enable psychological recovery and restoration of health, and building up a robust, harmonious and socially active person, integrated into society.



Development, implementation and dissemination of methods, tools and practices on post-traumatic rehabilitation involving top Ukrainian and foreign professionals by creating a research platform to train highly qualified professionals with post-traumatic and social rehabilitation, cooperation with partners and direct work with target groups.


Target audience:

The target audience in the narrow sense (people who will be trained):

Employees of medical, psychological rehabilitation centers, employees of public and private sector, volunteers


 Target audience in the broadest sense (people, at whom the influence of the project is directed):

  • combatants;

  • family members of combatants;

  • members of the families of fallen combatants;

  • citizens who were internally displaced due to counterterrorist operations:

  • citizens who need social and psychological support;

  • other classes of citizens sated in the Charter of Organization


 The issues and social trends in Ukraine, at which the project is aimed



  • very rapid transformation of Ukrainian society;

  • negative public moods, uncertainty; fears in the face of military actions, unstable economic and political situation;

  • The need to adapt to today's realities and to feel secure;

  • a large group of people who appeared in the risk zone.



Main Activities of the Center (briefly)


Research (development of effective methods on post-traumatic rehabilitation, development of training courses for experts);


Education (training specialists of post-traumatic and social rehabilitation, organization of training programs for the target audience);


Direct assistance (assistance to target groups in the center - individually, in groups, using remote technologies, organizing hotlines, specialists deployment);


Management and Partnership (involving Ukrainian and foreign experts, establishing cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions, the creation and dissemination of information materials (articles, information messages, printed materials, videos), attracting media).


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