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The "Peace" project is an international social rehabilitation project created by a group of Ukrainian patriots. The project involves the design and construction of rehabilitation complexes throughout Ukraine with residential, service and industrial infrastructure for the ATO members and their families.


The "Peace" is a non-political and non-governmental project.


The "Peace" project objective - is to consolidate the efforts of professionals and conscious people for the sake of a comprehensive solution of the existing crisis in Ukraine.


Participants of the project are: construction and investment companies, insurance companies, foundations, public and religious organizations and enterprises, the international community and the diaspora, the volunteers and all those people who care about the future of Ukraine.




The project is primarily aimed at solving a difficult situation in our country in connection with the prolonged fighting in the east of Ukraine and implications of these events especially for the citizens of Ukraine - combatants, their families, internally displaced persons (IDPs).


In addition, the project aims to partially solve the problem in Ukraine of availablility of professional health services, reduce unemployment and improve the quality of human life.


Now the vast majority of the ATO combatants, who risked their life and health in the struggle for independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, security, dignity and well-being of our citizens, when they come back, face numerous challenges, including:

• Disability and loss of working ability;

• The problem of material support;

• The housing problem;

• The need for long-term medical treatment;

• Loss of work, difficulties in finding jobs;

• The feeling of uselessness, loss of will to live, depression, and other post-traumatic syndrome symptoms;

• Changing attitudes and relations, breach of understanding with others.


Family members of perished in ATO are forced to raise their children without a breadwinner and parental care.


Many citizens of the eastern regions and the Crimea have left their homes, property, work and normal life.


On the national scale it is nothing else but the destruction of the nation's genepool, depressive social trends, unemployment and the impoverishment of society, as a consequence - criminalization. The list of negative effects can go on.


Now there are a variety of organizations and volunteer centers in Ukraine, that solve some critical questions, dealing partially fragmentedly with these issues - ie "fighting the fire outbreaks." Their work is certainly very important and very crucial but unfortunately many key issues remain unresolved.


Objective of the Project:


• Provision of social, psychological, medical, legal, financial, fiscal, coordinating assistance to participants of ATO and their families, families of the perished members of ATO, IDPs and other citizens who are in the risk zone;

• rehabilitation and development of cultural, educational, scientific, logistical and economic potential of Ukraine.


Areas of Project activities:


• Treatment and rehabilitation of victims created by the project of specialized rehabilitation centers all over Ukraine;

• Training and re-training;

• Create jobs and pay decent salaries;

• Providing housing;

• Provide qualified psychological and social assistance.


That is  all that will enable a person to lead an active, full and happy life.


Project "Peace" in bullet points:


- Creation of a training center for post-traumatic psychological and social rehabilitation;

- Construction of apartments for members of ATO, families of perished heroes;

- Construction of settlements and towns, which include:

 Medical and Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation Center;

 Residential complex with infrastructure;

 In-house agricultural and industrial enterprises;

- Schools, educational, training and cultural centers, research institutes and the like.





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