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The initiative to create a rehabilitation center, or rather - rehabilitation complex-  belongs to the Ukrainian patriots. We care about those who with the arms defend Ukraine and care about further lives of families of fallen heroes. In practice, the state aid is often late, lacking resources, corruptive etc.  Many problems occur at the economic level.


 As things stand, in the example of the current war in the East of Ukraine one can acknowledge that the aggressor was stopped in the first place because of unindifferent Ukrainian patriots - volunteers and caring people. Their actions were the most decisive and effective. As it is in our case.


One may ask “why complexes"? In the process of post-war rehabilitation not only physical rehabilitation after a concussion, injury… is important. Social rehabilitation is also an issue- it is important to learn to live again in the family, community ... Our complex under the "Peace" project provides not only medical and psychological rehabilitation - here we solve the issue of housing - constructing apartment blocks and cottage towns for families of our defenders. Plus - our complex infrastructure consists of a small industrial-agricultural zone – thereby, we give people the instant access to a job, so to speak.


 Our complex makes provisions for several enterprises, including - energy and agricultural companies - primarily for its own use. And this creates jobs. By the way, we are going to talk about a number of such centers in all regions of Ukraine. We are working not only in Zhytomyr region, but with Kiev, Odessa ...


 Among us, likeminded people, fortunately, there are representatives of different professions - physicians and technologists, engineers, people not only with great practical experience in their specialties, but also of the use of the most modern techniques, knowing latest developments and technologies. The project started at our own expense, because there are entrepreneurs among us. And quite naturally, a "synergy" occurred.


However, we will attract investment funds in the future.


This year we started with the "Peace" project, a complex which, again, includes medical and psychological rehabilitation center for ATO participants and their families, where soldiers and internally displaced persons will be taking qualified medical and psychological assistance, housing  in the town where they will be living with their families, and right there, in the complex they will be  working together on one of the new businesses in the Technology Park, breadwinning for their families. It is no secret that today it is not easy to find work in Ukraine. By the way, one of such complexes can hold about 400 families.


 Today we have found understanding with the State Agency for war veterans and participants of counterterrorist operation of Ukraine, a Charity Fund of war veterans and members of ATO, NGO "Veterans ATO-Star", David Lynch Foundation, the office of NATO in Ukraine and others.


We can also call our partners such organizations as:


- NGO "Information and Analytical Center of National Security of Ukraine" (Kyiv);

- "Sergo-Gamma - Leasing" (Kyiv) (consulting in the field of financing, investment planning, environmental and alternative energy);

- «Ekogaz» (Poland) (manufacture and supply of equipment in the field of ecology and alternative energy);

- International fund "Equitas";

- “Pochayiv Icon of the Mother of God" Foundation (Kyiv);

- "Production center "Genesis" (Kyiv);

- "Production studio “Ukrfilmresurs" (Kyiv);

- Polish-Ukrainian JV «Araj Ukraine" (designing, manufacturing and constructing elevators) (Kyiv);

- Swedish-Ukrainian joint venture «Facilia International» (Kyiv) (ecology);

- "Genesis Trade" (Kyiv) - (environmental engineering and power equipment, supplies of fuel pellets and briquettes, vermicompost and organic fertilizers);

- NGO "The Officer corps";

- "AkvaSerzh" (Slovakia) (production of aquiculture);

- "Servus" (Drohobych, Lviv region.) (Design, manufacture and installation of frame houses).

Today the initiative group of doctors and psychologists of "Peace" Project is developing a program of medical and psychological rehabilitation of servicemen; our team of architects and engineers developed a General Layout of the Complex. In the technical part of the complex, for example, we include a pellet plant, silo, grain storage, treatment facilities, waste management, wood-processing enterprises etc.


The process of land acquisition has started for construction of the complex of our cooperative "Peace" in one of the regions of Ukraine. The first steps have already been taken in Kiev.


In conclusion I would add that we invite all caring people to the cooperation. And all the organizations too.


 Only indifference of some of our fellow citizens keeps us from moving at this stage. We understand that people are tired of this "hybrid war" that here - in Kiev, Lviv, Zaporizhia, only few people mainly those with close relatives fighting in ATO or volunteering to the front have the feeling of war. But the war goes on. And it will not stop there, whether it is felt or not here. And the problems directly connected with it will never disappear by themselves.


 The sooner this is understood by those who consider themselves patriots of Ukraine - the people in the "safe" areas of Ukraine - the faster we can help each other in this struggle for survival of the nation. Despite all the actions of our government, government officials at any level, the decision of "servants of the people" - everyone should understand - that if he is a patriot – he is a patriot not of the state, but of the Ukrainian land and its inhabitants.


 Our project starts with the construction program of the first apartment building for families of fallen Ukrainian soldiers where, according to the approved project from 20 to 40 families will receive free apartments. For this purpose we opened multicurrency bank account, we talk about the Project and began raising funds from community of  people concerned around the world.


 By the way, today we are receiving proposals of cooperation from both Ukrainian commercial organizations and NGOs and volunteers, and from potential partners from Europe and the Americas.


It's time to stop being indifferent. Let's do the right thing now, the thing that is pleasing to God and help our people. All together.


 We are fully open to cooperation.


Andrei Kiselev,

Head of Information Department

Project "Peace"

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